About Us

Get past your pain, injury or impairment & get back to living your life…

…with individualized, results-driven physical therapy backed by experience & compassion.

Pain, injury and impaired motion can limit your life. You might simply not be able to get around as well as you would like. You might be missing work and jeopardizing you livelihood. Or maybe it’s just too many days away from your sport or fitness program.

Whatever the case, you need to get back to your life quickly and completely. That’s why we are here at Pro.Active Therapy.

Started in 1980, Pro.Active Therapy has been giving the people of Franklin County their lives back for over 30 years. We offer the most up to date, scientific treatment available, specializing in treatment for all orthopedic injuries to the spine and extremities.

Many of our therapists have completed the extensive work and educational requirements, and have passed the rigorous examination to be certified as specialists.

All of our therapists are committed to continuing to increase their breadth of knowledge so that we may provide the best quality care treatment available. Come and see us and get back to living your life…